Give Mom a New Hairstyle for Mothers Day

Give Mom a New Hairstyle for Mothers Day

Let’s face most moms spend her child rearing years seeing to it that her offspring look good and give precious little time and money on their own looks. So by middle age it is highly likely that a makeover is long overdue. If your mom is one of them who is sporting the same hairstyle she had on her wedding day maybe nudging her to a new look is something she will especially enjoy.

What to give mom for Mother’s Day is always a quandary, so as a novel gift for your mother on her special day this year, consider getting her a new hairstyle at a nice salon with a top-notch hairdresser.


Finding just the right hairdresser is critical, it needs to be someone she can relate to and trust. So this is going to require some detective work on your part. I have written a couple of articles that should be of some assistance, How to Find the Best Hairdresser and the ultimate guide Fire Your Stylist: How to Find the Best Hair Salons.

This will also obviously effect the salon you choose, unless you know of a hairdresser who has cut your hair or your friend’s hair before. You want someone who knows how to make a woman look younger through her haircut and is also fun to chat with. Check out some samples of other haircuts this hairdresser has done in the past or have your hair cut by them yourself, to really test out their skills.


Talk to your mom in subtle ways about what new hairstyles she likes that are out there. This will take a bit of subtle investigation and even note taking to ensure you are getting the right hairstyles. Then find pictures of these hairstyles online and make some suggestions, but keep a low profile on this one. If you have done your homework on the right hairdresser, they will know just what to suggest . . . its their job, let the hairdresser take the lead.


If you think mom will be hesitant to go for a new makeover, if you sense that might be the case, just go the gift certificate route and let mom decide what she wants. Or if you’re more confident set up the appointment when it works for your mom and then surprise her by just driving her there, introducing her to the hairdresser. If you really want to splurge, you may want to throw in a manicure and pedicure as well, just to round out the entire experience, so your mom gets all the pampering she truly deserves, on top of a new hairstyle.

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