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    edit hangchi

    Hi, how do I make friend with other members?

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    How do I submit an article?

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    Editorial Staff

    Yvette, go to the members page on the top toolbar and you will be given the option of connecting with other members.

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    Editorial Staff

    Once your membership is approved you will be able to access the article submission form on the top menu. Also you will have access on your dashboard.

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    How do I get my book listed in the book shop?

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    Editorial Staff

    You would need to purchase the premium membership. You can see the benefits here

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    I’m still getting used to Women Connect Online, I have a couple of questions.

    Is there a way to search for other members and maybe perhaps add them as a friend?

    My second question is, would you be open to incorporating a chat based function into to WomenConnectOnline.com?

    I think it would be really neat to have a chat function on this website where we can converse with other women and talk about what us women do best. It’d also be cool if WCO had maybe a “spotlight” section where WCO could highlight a positive career driven woman. Maybe a once a week type thing.

    Any-who, those are my little two cents, I hope everyone had a fabulous day!

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    Editorial Staff

    Yes, Sharon, go to the members page http://womenconnectonline.com/members/.

    You can look up names by letter or see the recent or active members. Then click add friends.

    As well you can send private messages to your friends by going to their profile and sending a private message.

    We plan to start groups in the near future. That you as a member can create.





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    Looking forward to the groups.

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    edit hangchi

    Where are the groups listed?

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    Editorial Staff

    Groups are listed and free to join on the menu bar. Under Groups here




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    Hello! I would like to ask how can we edit an article that has been already submitted/posted?
    Thank you 😉

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    Editorial Staff

    Iveta, if you need an article edited. Send me the link to the published article and let me know what paragraph needs to be changed. To the email listed on the dashboard.

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