Fall/Winter Fashion Guide: How to Dress for Your Body Type

When it comes to fashion, most of us have a very love-hate relationship with it. Sure, it’s nice to see it all looking polished and beautiful on airbrushed models in magazines, but when it comes to actually wearing it ourselves, things get a little tricky. Unless you know a bit about styling your own body, garments can look weirdly misshapen and poorly-fitted, and not even the most gorgeous woman on earth can feel good in clothes that don’t fit her well. So, how can you avoid that? How do you dress for your own beautiful shape and look chic every day with no fuss involved? Well, you’ve got to learn a bit more about what kind of things work for your own body type, and we’re here to show you. If you want to discover more about what to wear and how to wear it, read on.


If you’ve got a well-defined waist and your shoulders and hips are of very similar proportions, you’re an hourglass. Generally considered as the most attractive of body types, it can still be a little awkward to dress if you don’t know all the right tricks. You’ll want to show off that sexy waist, so invest in wrap tops, peplum blouses, anything with a V-neck, and a lot of chunky belts to cinch you in and give you even more definition.

High-waist pants and skirts are great when matched with shorter jackets and tops, and the only thing you really want to steer clear of are boxy cuts. Male blazers, shift dresses, and really loose tops could swallow up your figure, so stick to things that are more fitted. You should also invest in some good underwear—high-waist panties and good balconette bras could give you a wonderfully alluring figure that you’ll admire in the mirror.



Big booty, narrow shoulders, and smaller breasts define the pear shape, and this body type is practically made for dresses and skirts. A-line cuts are going to be very flattering on you, and bell-sleeve and scoop-neck tops are going to give you better proportions. When it comes to pants, pick a boot cut and steer clear of skinny jeans, and invest in some knee-length dresses that will elongate your legs and make them look more toned.

It’s also a good idea to wear necklaces and earrings—anything chunky will draw attention to your upper part, so feel free to pick bold, statement pieces that will make you look glamorous.


If your shoulders and bust are bigger than your hips and you don’t have a well-defined waist, you’re probably an apple. Flowy garments and A-line dresses are a great idea, and you’ll want to pick V-neck tops to show off your lovely bust. You probably have a great pair of legs, so feel free to show them off in skinny biker jeans, leggings, and miniskirts. Long tunics, jackets that hit your hip or upper thigh, and boyfriend button-down shirts are all great, so don’t be afraid to branch out and try these cuts.

If you’re plus-sized and are too scared to show off your body, don’t be—you can still dress spectacularly well. Here’s a little secret trick to make you feel like a beauty queen: find a flowy fit-and-flare dress and invest in some ridiculously sexy plus size lingerie that fits you like a glove. With a good set of underwear and a winning dress in an eye-catching color you’ll look absolutely gorgeous.



Toned, muscular, and lacking any particularly defined curves—you’ve got an athletic shape and getting dressed can be really easy for you. You’ll want to show off your legs and your shoulders, so pick slim-fitting pants and miniskirts, and grab some racer-back and strapless tops. Halter dresses are also a great pick, and you can play up your bust by picking embellished necklines. Boot-cut and straight-leg pants can be a good idea if you want to emphasize your long legs, and you can also benefit from wearing accessories such as scarves, long necklaces, and bracelets. Feel free to play up any part of your body that you want to.



If you’re very short and slim, then you’ve got a petite body type. It’s important to shop at stores that actually have a petite section because your biggest problem can be finding garments that won’t swallow you up. Heels can be a good idea if you wish to appear slightly taller, and so can monochromatic outfits. For example, a pair of slim black trousers paired with a lacy black top can be a wonderful choice, and so can curve-hugging dresses and long boots.

It’s important to play around with fashion. Learn the rules then break them, and keep trying new things until you figure out what you like.


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