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Why Diamonds Are Always in Fashion

Diamonds are often regarded as the most classic type of jewelry for women. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s and you’ll understand. They’re elegant, stylish and complete a beautiful ensemble.

Audrey Hepburn made diamonds hit the right note by pairing them with the little black dress, and it’s a simple yet dazzling look, that’s exquisite at the right dinner party and easy to pull off.

But, while no one would argue that diamonds will always be in fashion, what happens when you’re going for a funky instead of classic look? Can they still fit the bill?

Quite simply, the answer yes. Diamonds come in a range of colours, shapes and cuts that can go with a range of IMG_0749outfits and colours, as opposed to needing one specific style to fit with.

Diamonds are also perfect to be worn with a more modern outfit or a formal occasion, and a matching necklace and earring set will look stunning, as can be seen on the always elegant Michelle Obama.

Finding high quality diamond jewelry, from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings is not as difficult as it once was with the rise of online shopping. A good set may be expensive, but if you’re only ever going to buy one piece of expensive jewelry, then diamonds should be top of your list.

When buying genuine diamonds there are four different factors you need to consider in assessing the quality of your purchase:

Carat: A carat is the unit of weight by which a diamond is measured. 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams. The price of a diamond rises exponentially to its size. This is because large diamonds are found much less commonly than small diamonds, and therefore have a greater value per carat.

Clarity: Diamond clarity refers to flaws on the surface of (blemishes) and within (inclusions) the diamond. Flaws can occur during the diamond’s formation or during the cutting processes. Diamonds with few or no flaws are very rare and therefore more highly valued.

Colour: Diamond colour refers to the presence of yellow colour in white diamonds. Colourless diamonds refract more light, giving the diamond more sparkle and brilliance. As such the whiter a diamond’s colour the greater its value.

Cut: Diamond cut refers to the reflective qualities of the diamond. When a diamond is well cut, light will travel through reflecting from one side to the other and back out again. This will give it more brilliance. A poorly cut diamond will reflect less light back out and therefore have less brilliance.

What diamond you go for, and especially the colour, is a personal choice, but whatever you choose you know that it will complete a range of looks, from classic to modern, and formal to funky.

Jonny is the owner of Libertons, an antique jewelry marketplace that has lots of beautiful diamond jewelry available.

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