Business Of The Month: Interview With Bikini Luxe

The Interview

What is the name of your business?

My name is Candice Galek and the name of my business is Bikini Luxe.

What is the primary objective of your business?

Provide a selection of not only limited and luxury swimwear but also affordable pieces for the everyday woman.

What service (s) or product (s) do you provide?

We provide swimwear, jewelry and clothing. Though we are a US based company, we will Candice_Galekship our products internationally the taxes are included in the purchase price.

How does your business benefit Women and their families?

Our fashions are designed for women of many shapes and forms. The fashions are tasteful and they take into consideration when designing the bathing suits a woman’s shapely form. They all lay perfectly on the hips, boost cleavage without putting it all out there, show a little cheek while simultaneously playing hard to get. Deliciously soft fabrics, luxurious patterns, and fun styles are truly what we are about!

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