Breastfeeding over Bottle-feeding Why the pressure?

Have you noticed it? There is an enormous pressure once a pregnant mom enters the hospital for them to breast feed their child. There are nurses dedicated to visiting your home and helping you succeed as a breast-feeding mother. Why the pressure?

It is medically proven that breast-feeding is very important the first 4 months of life. It contains active infection-fighting while blood cells that give increased protection against infections in the first months. It helps to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, allergies, asthma and increases brain development.

A number of health organizations — including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the World Health Organization (WHO) — recommend breast milk over formula.

Why do women give up? The pressures of having to return to work, finding places to breast feed when Pregnancy Planningyou leave the home, feeling tired and wanting your spouse to feed the baby instead of you all get in the way. Some women have problems at first getting their infant to latch onto the breast.

As a mother you can do it with careful planning.

  • Invest in good breastfeeding books to help you through the process and prepare you for the event.
  • Attend a breastfeeding class and the hospital. Not only will this help you with breastfeeding but also it is a great way to socialize with other moms.
  • Buy a pump to store your breast milk when possible.
  • There are cell phone apps that will tell you which stores and malls have family friendly or baby friendly washrooms.

Breastfeeding not only helps the baby, it is always free, helps the mother lose weight and brings the baby and mother closer.


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