Alternative Ways to Get Pregnant for Older Women

Lifestyle changes make women consider having children sometimes for the first or second time. Pregnancy over age 50 by women who have had menopause has become possible for women due to advances in technology. Factors such as marriage, career changes and an increase in family income; listed below are ways to help older women become pregnant

Intrauterine Insemination

Artificial insemination has helped many women get pregnant. Women who have partners who have no sperm can use sperm banks choose the sperm that meets their needs and

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@ iStock Photo/RichLegg

have the egg inserted into the ovary. Women take fertility medication prior to fertilization to help them produce better quality eggs.

Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization is a process in which the egg of the women who is the patient ovary is removed and fertilized with a man’s sperm in a laboratory. Women who are single commonly use this method or have women partners.

Donor Eggs

Many older women who cannot produce eggs on their own sometimes due to age can get pregnant using donor eggs. In most cases the partner’s sperm is used to fertilize the donor eggs.

Embryo Adoption

Some couples are fortunate enough to have more embryos than they can use making them ideal candidates to donate their embryos to infertile woman. For women who are receiving embryos they will need to take medications to thicken the uterus. Embryo adoption is very similar to traditional adoptions except the receiving mother carries the child.

Older women today are using all kinds of natural methods to induce pregnancy. Acupuncture and couples therapy has been combined with the methods listed above to help reduce the stress of trying to conceive. Exercise that resembles tai chi has been known to help women with conception.



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