A Guide to NYC: Best Places for Wining and Dining

Many refer to the Big Apple as the capital of the world, and for a good reason. It truly is a magical and versatile city that virtually has everything an urbanite who loves crowds, culture, great fashion, amazing museums and killer restaurants and bars could ever wish for.

Many of us dream of living in NYC, or paying it a visit lengthy enough to explore at least a tiny portion of what this cosmopolitan city has to offer. Here, we are focusing on the wining and dining experiences and providing you with the list of the ultimate signature New York places that you simply have to step foot in if you want your visit to be a truly complete and enriching experience. We’ll show you all the hottest spots New Yorkers love, and trust us, once you’ve been to them, you’ll feel like a true New Yorker yourself!

The non-tourist experience

Once you’re done walking around (and getting lost) in Central Park or taking a trip to the iconic Coney Island for some old-school family-friendly entertainment and a stroll on the famous boardwalk, you will probably be famished and in the mood for some truly good food.

Whether you’re on a budget or not is irrelevant here; the point is to go somewhere where the food is great and the crowd isn’t comprised of tourists. You want to get that ‘born New Yorker’ experience, and one of the best places to get that is Roberta’s, which is located in Bushwick. Now, you should know that New Yorkers are still super into lines and waiting in them for a great thing, and in this case it’s completely justified as Roberta’s is a place that has one of the best pizzas in the entire city, and the Brooklyn artsy vibe and atmosphere will totally dazzle you.

The scouting experience


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All the shows set in New York, including the iconic Sex and the City, did not lie – New York is the place of the best clubs, bars and most talented cocktail-makers who will create concoctions you’ve never tasted before. The fact is that there is no shortage of innovative mixology in NYC, so make sure you find yourself in the right place at the right time, because artists like these are never in the same place. The city calls out to them only too much. So, if you want to try some of the best cocktails that will make your palate sing, you should scout for fancy events where pros like these can be found.

The super-fancy experience

Grabbing a great slice of pizza in New York is one definite must, but making reservations at one of the finest and hottest restaurants de jour is another. You haven’t really been to NYC if you haven’t dined in one of the hip places. True, they may be a tad overpriced, but the innovative food and the overall chic ambiance and hip New Yorker crowd make it all worth it. Besides, this may be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to rub shoulders with celebs, writers and the similar crowd, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on that when in the capital of the world.

There is a great number of hot restaurants, but if you want to have a truly great meal that totally lives up to expectations and is not nearly as pretentious as some people assume, you simply have to get into Per Se – a restaurant with no less than three Michelin stars.

Your typical New York Bar


Photo Credit: pexels.com/@luca-bravo

If you’re travelling with friends or have friends in this great city and you just want to meet for a few good drinks and catch up in a place that’s not overcrowded or too loud, Greenwich Treehouse is the place to be. You have a tap beer and spirits selection, and killer buffalo wings, which you are highly recommended to try. It can get a bit crowded if you get a late start, but if you arrive there around seven, you can have a truly great time whether you’re there to have a great talk, great fun or both. The décor is rustic, so there’s nothing pretentious about it – as said, just a great typical NYC bar.

The family-friendly place



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Those who travel with kids are often concerned whether a place is kid-friendly and whether the menu has something that the kids will actually want to eat. If this fits the bill for you, then you want to head to 120 Hudson St – home of Bubby’s. This place is absolutely amazing! Not only is it super kid-friendly, but has the kind of food that will knock the socks off adults as well. From amazing and decadent pancakes that your kids will love (and you’ll probably take a bite), incredible mouth-watering pies and top notch burger, there is absolutely something for everyone here. Sure, it’s a tad pricier than your typical diner, but the ingredients are top quality, so it’s totally worth the price. Your entire family will be happy with both the cheerful atmosphere as well as the delicious food.


The Big Apple isn’t also popularly known as the capital of the world for no reason. From nightlife, shopping, culture and finally, wining and dining, this is the ultimate place to be. It offers variety in taste, ambiance, price point, so that everyone, and we do mean everyone, can find a place that is exactly their cup of tea.





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