New Years Resolution: 4 Powerful Mediterranean Foods for the Healthy Woman

By Enrico Fortie

According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control and
Prevention, more than 60 percent of adult American women are overweight
with another one-third qualifying as obese.

Add to that the prevalence of a modern Western diet and it’s no mystery as
to why heart disease and cancer are the biggest killers of women in the

Fortunately, many women are starting to become concerned for their
well-being and seek out ways to improve their health before poor lifestyle
choices cause serious damage. The most important area to focus on when
reclaiming your health is your diet.

Choosing foods included in a Mediterranean diet has been shown to be one
of the best ways to ensure health. Here are some examples of amazing foods
that every woman needs to eat more of.


Popular in many dishes, tomatoes are a nutritional powerhouse. Studies
have suggested that their large quantities of lycopene may help prevent
cancers of the breasts and cervix. It has also been found that lycopene is
fat soluble, becoming more bioavailable when consumed with fats. This
makes tomatoes a great thing to combine with the next recommended healthy

Oily Cold-water Fish

Despite the bad rap that fat receives in general, not all are bad. In
fact, the fats found in oily cold-water fish contain an abundance of
valuable omega-3s. These essential fatty acids are linked to numerous
health benefits including enhanced mood, faster weight loss, decreased
risk of heart disease, reduced inflammation, healthy hormone balance and
enhanced cognition.


Besides being delicious and rich in disease-fighting antioxidant vitamin
C, cranberries are a fantastic home remedy for urinary tract infections.
The tannins in the fruit, known as anthocyanins, prevent the adhesion of
harmful bacteria to the lining of the urinary tract.

During certain times of year, take advantage of the availability of fresh,
whole cranberries for maximum benefit. If choosing cranberry juice, make
sure it’s 100 percent juice. The added sugar in juice cocktails promotes
disease and weight gain.


Nearly everyone loves nuts on salads or in baked goods for their texture
and flavor, but they’re also incredibly healthy. Nuts are full of filling
fiber and protein, which will aid weight loss by keeping you full and
controlling your appetite.

They’re also a great way to get healthy fats and omega-3s. Science also
indicated that they may help prevent breast cancer. According to one
study, a mere 2 ounces of walnuts hindered the growth of breast cancer in
mice. Furthermore, they are believed to prevent osteoporosis by slowing
the rate at which bones replace themselves.

About the Author: E. Fortie is a Mediterranean
expert and writes for the blog to help

people learn how to eat healthy to prevent diseases. He offers a free
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